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In the Name of Allahﷻ Most Beneficent & Most Merciful. Peace & Blessings Be Upon Our Master Muhammad ﷺ, The Chief & The Seal of All Prophets & Messengers.

The Shariah Council is committed to serving the Muslim community in the country, addressing a wide array of social, family, and matrimonial issues. It provides Islamic opinions and guidelines based on discussions and consultations during its meetings. This organization deals with matters concerning Fiqh, Marriage, Divorce, Will, Inheritance, and Family affairs.

Comprising experienced elders well-versed in Islamic jurisprudence and rulings, the Shariah Council serves as the formal authority for legal Islamic opinions and jurisdiction for local Muslims and the community.

East Birmingham Central Masjid is dedicated to promoting conflict resolution rooted in Islamic values, with the aim of fostering unity, peace, and understanding among Muslims and the broader community. We strive to help resolve challenging family and marital issues while also serving as a source of guidance for Muslims seeking religious or theological insights on social, domestic, and general matters.

Please note that our fatwa/advice services are held in strict confidence, and we highly respect the privacy of our clients.

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